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Mural Mania
The Preservation of History through Community Art.

"If we paint it they will come."

"Life is about making our dreams come true and giving others the possibility to dream." Mark De Cracker

"Art through the generations, has led to new thinking, improving communities and improving society." Susan Hatch

"Acting Locally-Impacting Globally"

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" - Winston Churchill.

"Without history we are nothing, we are a floating leaf on the water. The ruins of Rome are as important as our local history and save we must." Anne Hotchkiss

War of 1812 - Sodus NY
The town of Sodus is one of the only two towns in Wayne County to ever experience a military battle within it boarders. In the morning of June 19, 1813, during the War of 1812, the British attacked Sodus Point. The British seized many of the stores and warehouses and burned the town. ...more>>

Underground Railroad
Williamson, Pultneyville and Sodus, NY were historic destinations for a certain type of traveler in the 19th centry. Today's 21st centry visitor to these areas can view homes, public buildings and the harbor in Pultneyville and Sodus where fleeing slaves ended their land journey and were transported by water to freedom in Canada.

Pultneyville and Great Sodus Bay were thriving commercial ports for transporting all manners of goods between Canada and adjacent Lake Ontario ports throughout the 1800's to the mid 1900's. Step back into these quaint New England style hamlets and view the lake captains' homes and the ports from which they sailed.

Lake Ontario
Water is a major boundary, with Lake Ontario, one of the GREAT lakes where several battles were fiught during 1812. Great Sodus Bay (silvery waters), East Bay, and Port Bay provide ideal fishing, boating, swimming, beautiful sunsets. Chimney Bluffs (badlands of NY) formed by glaciers offers interesting cliff formations for viewing, hiking and photographing.


Cobblestone Structures in Wayne County
Cobblestone homes are unique to New York State. Built during 1832 - 1862, they were less expensive to build than with lumber. Cobbles were free and could be collected from tilled fields and the lake shore. Each building is a unique work of folk art that tells the story of our pioneer history. ...more>>

The Trail of Hope

Marbletown was once a thriving community until the Erie Canal was dug and Newark grew. The one-room Red Brick Schoolhouse is a mere remnant of earlier days that still exist. Open on Saturdays 1-3 pm in the summer featuring hand made articles in the gift shop.

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